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37th BCS Preliminary Cut Marks Result Written Date

37th BCS Preli Cut Marks Result Written Date. 37th BCS Preliminary Exam-2016 has been taken by the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) on 30September,2016 at 190 BCS Exam Centers including 123 BCS Exam centres of Dhaka. 37th BCS Circular was published on 29 February,2016 by PCS for the 1,226  post of 1st Class Gazetted Officer of The People Republic of  Bangladesh. The time was fixed for the Online Application for 37th BCS from 31th March to 2nd May,2016.

What are saying Experts about 37th BCS Preli questions and Cut Marks?

37th BCS Preliminary questions were so hard comparatively Previous questions of BCS Exam. So the candidates of 37th BCS Examination  are anxious about their BCS Preliminary Result. They eagerly want to know the the “Cut Marks of the 37th BCS Preli Exam-2016. Here “Cut Marks” means the required marks for Candidates by what a candidate of BCS Preliminary Exam will be qualified or pass for BCS Written Exam.

37th BCS Preli Cut Marks Result Written Date

After the examination of 37th BCS Preli 2016, we have talked with numerous Previous BCS Cadres and BCS Experts as well as Dhaka University’s Students and others Public and National Universities’ students who have seated for the 37th BCS Preli Exam.

All of them agree with us that the 37th BCS Preli Questions are so hard any others BCS Exams. They said that the previous BCS Exam were comparatively easy than the 37th BCS Preli Questions. Although PSC has started 200 marks BCS Preliminary Exam from the 35th BCS. But the 35th BCS  Preli and 36th BCS Preli questions were comparatively easy than the 37th BCS Preli Exam Questions. Therefore, 37th BCS Preli Exam Cut Marks will be 80-90 marks out of 200.

  • What was the Cut Marks of the Previous BCS Preli?

We guessed and BCS Experts and Candidates said that the 35th BCS Preliminary Exam’s Cut Marks was 80 and the 36th BCS Preli  Exam’s Cut Marks was 110 out of 200 marks.

  • How Many Candidates have seated for 37th BCS Preli-2016?

There are 2,43,476 candidates have seated for the 37th BCS Preliminary Exam against 1,226 post of  1st Class Gazetted Job.

  • How Many Candidates Will be Qualified for 37th BCS Written Exam?

It is so difficult question for answer. But we think that in the 37th BCS Preli Exam around 12,000 candidates will be quailed for 37th BCS Written Exam 2016. Although in the 35th BCS Preli around 20,000 candidates qualified for the 35th BCS Written Exam and the 36th BCS Preli Exam around 14,000 candidates were qualified for the 36th BCS Written Exam.

  • 37th BCS Preli Result :

37th BCS Preliminary result will be published probably last week of October or first week of November.

  • 37th BCS Written Date :

After completing the process  of 37th BCS Preli Result PSC will published the 37th BCS Preli Result. After Publishing 37th BCS Preliminary Result, 37th BCS Written Exam will be started within 2-3 months. So probably 37th BCS Written Exam will be held in January last or February first.


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