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37th BCS Preliminary Question Solution

Question Solution really difficult for BCS Candidates. So BD Exam Result24.Com has solved the 37th BCS Question Solution. Now You can find “37th BCS Preliminary Question Solution : English
If you have any Confusion about our solution plz comment below on our site. We are trying to provide all parts solution of 37th BCS Preliminary. Here 37th BCS Preliminary Question Set-2
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1. Who Wrote ” Biographia Literaria”

Ans. S.T Coleridge

2. Othello gave Desdemona ——as a token of love:

Ans. Handkerchief

3. Choose the correct Sentence:

ans:(c) All of it depends on you.

4. A chart was appended to the report.  Here “appended” means-

Ans. Joined

5. The mother sat vagilantly beside thevsick baby. Here “vigilantly” is-

Ans. An adverb

6. Fraility the name name is women. Here “Fragility ” is-

Ans. A noun

7. Education is enlightening. Here “enlightening ” is-

Ans. A participle

8. Select the word that is the most closely opposite in meaning the capitalized word: “DELETERIOUS”

Ans. Harmless

9. “Restoration period ” in English literature refers to-

Ans. 1660

10. “Gerontion” is a poem by-

Ans. T.S Eliot

11. Fill in the blank “——-” is Shakespeare’s last play.

Ans. Tempest

12. Choose the appropriate prepositions inbthe blank of the following sentence :

The family doesn’t feel….going outing this season.

Ans. in

13. Fill in the blank with appropriate use of tense:

I couldn’t mend the computer myself,  so I…..

At a shop.

Ans. had it mended

14. Complete the following sentence choosing the appropriate option:

It’s raining cats and dogs, so-

Ans. Make sure you take an umbrella.

15. This the book I lost

Here ” I lost” is –

Ans. An adjective clause

16. P.B. Shelley’s ‘adonais” is an elegy on the the death ofv-

Ans. John keats

17. Which of the following words is in singular form?

Ans. radius

18. Which do you think is the nearest in meaning to “proviso”

Ans. Substitute

19. Cassandra is a night owl, so she doesn’t usually get up until about :

Ans. 7 a.m

20. Who has written the poem ” Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard “?

Ans. Thomas Gray

21. ” A rolling stone gather no moss” The complex form of the sentence is-

Ans. A stone that rolls gathers no moss.

22. Who has written the play “Volpone” ?

Ans. Ben Jonson

23. The phrase “Achilles heel” means-

Ans. A weak point

24. Shakespeare composed much of his play  in what sort of verse?

Ans. Iambic pentameter

25. Which one of the following is not a poetic tradition?

Ans. The occult

26. Use the appropriate article –

I saw —–one-eyed man when I was walking on the road.

Ans. a

27. The word ‘omnivorous’ means:

Ans. eating all types of food

28. What is a funny poem of five lines called?

Ans. haiku

29. Robert Browning was a —–poet.  Fill inbthe gap with appropriate word.

Ans. Victorian

30. The comparison of unlike things using the words like on ascis known to be-

Ans. Simile

31. “The Sun Also Rises” us a Novel written by-

Ans. Earnest Hemingway

32. The new offer of job was alluring.  Here “alluring ” means –

Ans. Tempting

33. The repetition of beginning consonant sound is know as-

Ans. alliteration

34. “Who planted this tree here? ” the correct passive voice of this sentence is-

Ans. By whom the tree was planted here?

35. He worked “with all sincerity “. The undermined phrase is-

Ans. An adverbial phrase


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