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7 Easy Ways of Learning English

7 Easy Ways of  Learning English. It is unnecessary to mention the importance of English in getting a handsome job as well as in our Daily life. English is an International Language. So you have to face most of exams or viva voce in English. So it is undoubtly important for all to learn English all over the world. 

    7 Easy Ways of Learning English

But there is a question arise that how can we learn English easily and comfortably? Here, I will try to give 7 Easy Ways which help you to learn English easily. Before going to my main Discussion, I want to ask you a few questions-

  1. Do you want to Learn English strongly?
  1. Why do you want to Learn English?
  1. Do you have a passion for Engllish?
  1. Do you have patient for Learning?
  1. Do you a have a little time for Learning?                                                                     

If your answers are “positive” in this regard, you can go through this lesson, otherwise not. Therefore,  now I am going to main discussion. To Learn English Easily, you have to-

  1. Firstly, Capture English Elementary Vocabulary
  1. Gradually Enrich Your English Vocabulary
  1. Practise Your Vocabulary in Your Daily Life
  1. To Make Conversation Your Family/Friends or Any Other Persons in English.
  1. Read English Newspapers/Magazines for a While in Daily
  1. Listening English News/Conversations a part of a day.
  1. Start Your Chatting/conversation on Social Media in English.

To Improve Your Vocabulary Skill You can go through the post- How To Improve Your Vocabulary Skill?


Here I would like to emphasize on English Vocabulary that for any English Learner , he/she has to enhance his/her English Vocabulary in daily. There is no alternative way to reach your deserved destination with English Vocabulary.

But now you can ask me how can we enhance our English Vocabulary?

The easy and exact solution is you have to read more English News papers or Megazines.

Although the is a another shortcut way to pass in your competitive or job exam by memorizing important English Vocabulary. To memorize English Vocabulary I suggest you to read English Word/ English Vocabulary in the morning ,when you get up very early in the morning. Because, the morning our memory is very than any other time of a day. When you read or memorize English words/Vocabulary try to read this with a loudly sound. It will help to memorize quickly

Hopefully, if you are able to make sure the above things, you will obtain a good feedback. These are the 7 Easy Way of Learning English

Thanks all, see again in next lesson…

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