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How to Improve Your Vocabulary Skill?

How to Improve Your Vocabulary Skill? Vocabulary is the main key or driving force to improve your English Skill. Without Vocabulary Skill  you will not eligible for good at English. Moreover, in any competitive exam like as BCS, Bank Job, PSC  Non-cadre Job, any  Govt Job as well as any other competitive exams Vocabulary is a common topic for all job seekers; there you have to see that two or more questions are present about vocabulary like “Synonym/Antonym patten. Accept English Words meaning you will not  able to solve any English question accurately in your job exam or any other exam. For this, English Vocabulary is called the “Mother of English” and “Tense” is called the “Heart of English”.


Now I am going to discuss about the key point of the topic. The question is already arisen that how can we improve our Vocabulary Skill for any competitive exam?

   How to Improve Your Vocabulary Skill?

I suggested you to follow the following points cautiously-

  1. You have to out and out passion for improving your vocabulary skill with a good patient.
  2. You have to read English Vocabulary in a tranquil situation.
  3. You have to read English Word meaning with loudly sound what will help you substantially to recall the expected word meaning later.
  4. You have to imagine a picture or photo which is relevant the word.
  5. Try to write the word meaning what is reading by you at that moment.
  6. You have to write the word meaning frequently with a view to memorizing or recalling the word meaning.
  7. Strive for making a habit reading English Newspaper or magazine in daily basis at least weekly basis.
  8. Staring your conversation with your friends or family member in English.
  9. Try to chat with your Social Media friends in English ignoring the shame or criticize.
  10. And finally, you have to read and write the previous year’s English Vocabulary with a good practice.

If you are a candidate for Bank job, you have to read and write the previous question of the Bank Exams. If you’re a candidate for BCS or PSC Non-cadre Job, you have read and write the previous questions of the BCS and PSC Non-cadre jobs’ question. These are my personal tips for you to Improve your Vocabular Skill.If you have any question or query about this matter, do not hesitate for leaving a comment in below.

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Wish for the best for all.

Md. Mizanur Rahman

The Writer is a Senior Officer at Pubali Bank Ltd.

The Recommended BCS Cadre of the 35th BCS



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  1. Dear writer,

    Please recheck this article again, there might have been some error over there both spelling & grammatical. I think you will consider this matter.

    Thank you.

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