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National University Introduction-

National University Introduction- According to the Wikipedia, Bangladesh National University- NU is the second largest University of the world in college enrollment. There are a large number of colleges are affiliated to the National University. Under the NU around 20, 97, 182 students are studying now according to the

Bangladesh National University Head Quarter

                         National University Introduction-

There are a number of students in every year passed HSC Examination from Bangladesh. But, for the higher Education numerous students have not got chance. Because, there are only 38 Public University are available in Bangladesh currently. In these universities around 35 thousand students can get chance for the Higher Education. So, it is no need to mention that in every year there are more than 1lac 50 thousand students can not find any scope or suitable scope to study at Graduation or Post-Graduation. That’s why National University of Bangladesh was established to increase the scope of Higher Education in Bangladesh.

Background and History of Bangladesh National University-

Bangladesh National University is Autonomous Educational Institute under the Education Ministry of Bangladesh. Bangladesh National University- NU was established in 1992. At the same time Bangladesh Open University also established. Bangladesh Open University is a university which provide Secondary Education to Higher Education Degree without any age restriction under the National University. National University Introduction First Secession for the Honors First Year was begun in 1993. And from the 1994-1995 Secession National University Introduction English Subject as a compulsory for the NU Students.

NU Campus

How Many Students Are Studying in National University Of Bangladesh?

According to the Wikipedia, there are around 20, 97, 182 students are studying at the Bangladesh National University. Among them 17, 55, 256 are Under-graduates and 3, 34, 653 Post-graduates. National University also has 184 Doctoral Students and 7, 048 are other related students.


How Many Colleges are affiliated with the National University?

According to the Wikipedia, there are almost 2, 254 colleges are affiliated with National University.


Who Was the First VC of National University?

Muhammad Abdul Bari was the First VC of Bangladesh National University from 1992-1996, for 5 years tenure.

Who Is the Current VC of National University?

Dr. Harun-Or-Rashid is the Present VC of National University from 2013 to till.


Where is the Head Quarter of Bangladesh National University?

Bangladesh National University- NU Head Quarter is located at Gazi in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


What is Process of Admission to Bangladesh National University?

Any Bangladesh Students can apply for admitting at National University with a few conditions. National University Admission process is completed via online. Although a few years ago National University Admission was not available via online; now National University Admission process is merely based on online.

There are mainly 2 types of admission is held at National University of Bangladesh. These are- National University Honors 1st Year Admission and Masters/Post-graduation Admission.

For more about the National University Introduction-, please see the National University Official Website or

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